Huaguang stone forest cave

One of the more fun ideas tucked away in Genshin Impact patch 1. Just like vistas and viewpoints in big adventure games, the Geography screen tucked away in the new Archive menu hides 27 hyper-specific locations for players to scout out across both Mondstadt and Liyue.

Until you find a particular viewpoint, its slot on the menu will remain blacked out. There's next to nothing in the way of clues, either, so finding them can be tricky. You'll need to interact with the glowing blue waypoint to add the Viewpoint to your Geography Archive. If you're having trouble finding them, we've listed all 27 Geography Viewpoints belowso you can quickly add any you're missing to your collection and get back to grinding materials.

If you need a reference open on another screen, check out the Interactive Maps page.

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Almost deceptively obscure, the first entry is actually a view of Monstadt rather than a view found within Mondstadt. You'll find it on the tip of the uppermost pointy cliff edge in the Whispersong Woods. Another case of climbing high, to get the required view of Mondstadt's laughably tiny lake, you'll need to climb the rockfaces to the south east of the Shrine of the Seven located in the center of its waters.

Teleport to the Waypoint just outside Mondstadt and glide south over the pathway. Stick to the hills as you approach the crossing into Springvale and you should find this viewpoint on your left. From the last point, you should be able to travel South right to fork in the road that goes around and into Springvale. Glide to or climb onto the hills right by the intersection to find this one. Not far to the South of the arena you regularly fight Boreas in is another stacked set of cliffs.

These overlook the Dawn Winery and actually appear rather flat and close to ground level when you approach. Stay on the penultimate level and you should find the spot with a low-angle view of the vineyards below.

This one is literally in your face as soon as you load into the Cathedral in Mondstadt. Take the Waypoint to the Favonius Headquarters, glide across to the grand staircase, and walk through the large front doors. Why this one couldn't come before the last is the real question.

If you haven't jetted off from the Favonius Headquarters Waypoint yet, jump down to the front doors, load in, and take the fight door on the right to find Entry 7 right on your right.

Right, next one. Alright, it's time to head back to the spot of the Alchemy Furnace event. Rather than take on the Ruin Guard wandering around the middle, sneak around it to the rear end of the area. Scale the bleachers and climb up to the sliver of structure stuck in the mountains to the left and you should find your next spot.

Now this one isn't hard at all.Genshin Impact version 1. The update promises to add new locations, bossesevents, and playable characters. One of most exciting new playable characters is Zhongli.

Genshin Impact- Geovishap Hatchling All 10 Location

You might've met him briefly during the Liyue section of Genshin Impactbut he'll be able to join your party soon enough. Zhongli is currently playable on Genshin Impact's closed beta test server. From what players have reported online, we already know what items will be needed to upgrade the new Geo character, so you can prepare for his imminent launch ahead of time. According to a handy graphic that's been making the rounds on Redditupgrading Zhongli's talents requires "Gold" talent books and Slime themed items.

Meanwhile, to ascend Zhongli and unlock his level caps, you'll need a mix of Topaz, Basalt Pillars, Cor Lapis, and again Slime-themed items. Collecting everything that's required prior to his launch might seem like a rather daunting task, but here are some places that you can get started on doing just that, along with hard numbers for how many of each material Zhongli will likely need.

Crystal Chunk locations in Genshin Impact: Everything players need to know

Also, remember that you can combine lower-level materials at alchemy stations in Liyue Harbor and Mondstadt. The effectiveness of this can be increased using either Sucrose or Xingqiu, who are both available in the Klee Banner. While Cor Lapis can be mined throughout Liyue, it can be easily farmed from two locations. The first is Mt. Across the mountain's summit, you'll find an abundance of Cor Lapis. After mining the summit, follow Mt.

Hulao's mountainside path downward to locate a few more pieces of Cor Lapis. Remember to use your Elemental Sight to double-check if you missed anything. Cor Lapis can also be found by teleporting to Mt. Once you arrive, descend into Huaguang stone forest located below the waypoint, you'll find a river flowing into a wide cave that holds a few Cor Lapis to mine. These are necessities in both increasing his talent level and ascending his level cap. All three items are found by killing slimes.In Genshin Impact, Geovishap Hatchling is a small nimble lizard hatchling who deals good close combat damage.

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They are a total of 10 Geovishap Hatchling all existing solo throughout the specific area of the map. As mentioned these Geovishap hatchlings are close combatants and deals a pretty good amount of damage, though they can be countered pretty easily. You can pick up the yellow crystal that provides you a shield that returns or deflect damage to Hatchling and paralyze them for a moment by the recoil. These are the 10 locations mentioned below to hunt them down for mainly Fragile Bone Shard with reference to the image.

For more guides on Genshin Impact, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content In Genshin Impact, Geovishap Hatchling is a small nimble lizard hatchling who deals good close combat damage. Geovishap Hatchling All 10 Location For Genshin Impact As mentioned these Geovishap hatchlings are close combatants and deals a pretty good amount of damage, though they can be countered pretty easily.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Crystals Chunks are an invaluable resource in Genshin Impact, and they are especially essential at higher levels. Crystal Chunks allows players to craft superior weapons that empower their entire party. Players can collect Crystal Chunks by mining in Genshin Impact. They can be collected by destroying spawned ores throughout the map of Teyvat. Players can spot ores by using their Elemental Sight.

Ores glow in orange when scanned using Elemental Sight. Mining ore in Genshin Impact basically means attacking and destroying the ore to harvest one to three pieces of usable items. Additionally, it is recommended that players use a character with a claymore equipped.

Claymores deals maximum damage to ores, thereby increasing efficiency. Crystal Chunk ores spawn randomly across the map of Genshin Impact. This means players can find the ores anywhere on the map. However, there are certain areas where players can find massive amounts of Crystal Chunk ore to mine.

Apart from these three locations, players can also earn additional Crystal Chunks from expeditions once they have reached Adventure Rank However, that requires players to send characters that are not in their party away. The longer the duration that players send their character away, the greater will be the reward generated.

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Nevertheless, players always have the chance of running into a random Crystal Chunk ore. The concept of mining and collecting items, along with the aesthetically pleasing visuals, are what make Genshin Impact such an interesting affair. New User posted their first comment. Log in. Esports, Gaming and Pop Culture News. Modified 21 JanIST. The locations where players can find Crystals Chunk ores in Genshin Impact are: Stormterror's Lair : Running through the entirity of Stormterror's Lair will allow players to amass more than 50 Crystal Chunks.

Mount Aozang : Players need to teleport to the northernmost waypoint in the area. After this, they need to descend into the Huaguang stone forest.

Players will be able to see a wide cave with a river flowing inside. Players can find multiple Crystal Chunk ores inside this cave. Stormbearer Mountains : Players need to head east from Starfell Lake's statue of the seven. Players should be able to find a gigantic rock formation.

Players will find a few Crystal Chunk ores to mine from this lcoation. PC Games Pop Culture. Edit Favorites. Contact Us.

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Genshin Impact - Guyun Stone Forest Theme Song

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huaguang stone forest cave

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huaguang stone forest cave

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huaguang stone forest cave

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huaguang stone forest cave

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