Pera o bayong questions

ABS-CBN Regional proudly brings back the all-time favorite game Pera o Bayong as a Digital gameshow with the same kind of thrill in the comfort of your homes, straight from your phones and with real-life cash payout! Pera o Bayong aims to give Filipinos across the archipelago and from any part of the world, an equal chance to play and win cash prizes. First round will be trivia-based, where users can participate through their smartphones, by answering questions directly on the app.

After the trivia questions, one 1 lucky participant will be randomly picked to play for the Pera o Bayong round. The participant begins by choosing one of the three 3 bayongs, each of which conceals a pot prize which the contestant will play for.

It will also be simultaneously aired across selected MOR Stations nationwide. So what are you waiting for? Download the Kumu app for free and tune in to your favorite MOR station!

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It's Esep-esep time! Oct 25, PM. Share: facebook twitter pin tumblr email print. Spirit of Christmas Lives on at Araneta City.

pera o bayong questions

Follow: Facebook Twitter Instagram. Ian Veneracion on Jodi Sta.The show was aired on Weekdays and Saturdays and was also broadcast worldwide through The Filipino Channel. The show was known for its many formats and host changes over the years that it was broadcast. Overall though, MTB was the longest running daily noontime show of ABS-CBN until It's Showtime which originally aired as a morning talent variety show and moved to the noontime slot in surpassed its run in in the PM time slot.

The total run of It's Showtime which includes its pre-afternoon years has already broken MTB' s record three years prior. The new daily noontime show Magandang Tanghali Bayan started premiering on November 30,airing from nn to pm, Philippine time. The show assumed most of the segments and staff from its predecessor " 'Sang Linggo nAPO Sila " during its first season. Among the most popular segments from APO's previous noontime show was "Calendar Girl", a daily pageant where pretty and sexy young girls 15—21 years of age participate in the talent and question and answer portions hosted by Estrada, Santiago and Revillame.

To continue the chronology of the pageant where monthly winners from January to December of the previous year converge to compete in the Grand Finals of following yearmanagement decided to include the January—November monthly winners from the defunct "APO" show in the "MTB" grand coronation that happened on January 2, The engaging elimination round and the suspense-filled jackpot round won the hearts of most televiewers.

This led the management to cancel Sabado Live! With their suspension in Augustthe show was temporarily replaced by "Esep-Esep" for a week.

pera o bayong questions

Estrada, Santiago and Revillame came back with a bang after their suspension a week later. In the yearthe phenomenal game portion "Pera o Bayong" faced stiff competition from Eat Bulaga! But despite the move from the rival show, "Pera o Bayong" still continued to enthrall viewers.

The popular catchphrases coined by the hosts eventually became part of the Filipino pop culture. Changes were suddenly made after the February 7, episode, when main host Willie Revillame was axed from the show after citing creative differences between him and the staff.

Pera o Bayong Questions

Top-notch stand-up comedians Marissa Sanchez and Ai-Ai delas Alas also joined as new female co-hosts. The show aired a week-long tribute for him. That same year, the show introduced new faces to join the growing "MTB" family. The quintet Power Boys, the dance group G-Girls, morning traffic angel Pia Guanio and upcoming teen star Maoui David were among those that joined in the fun and that time, Christine Jacob-Sandejas left the show to focus on her family, while original mainstay Gary Lim was also relieved from the show to let him focus on his acting career.

By this time, the show had lost its luster in the ratings game to "Eat Bulaga! The title of the replacement show "Masayang Tanghali Bayan" and Willie's co-hosts among them Randy Santiago and John Estrada were not revealed until nn of February 22, Prior to the start of the show, ABS-CBN drummed up month-long promotions for the show where they only revealed Willie Revillame, the JaBoom Twins and Cindy Kurleto as mainstays and had the audience guess the rest of his co-hosts thru a nationwide raffle promo.

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The title of the show was also kept under wraps as well. It was on the initial telecast on February 22, when Willie Revillame revealed the title "Masayang Tanghali Bayan" and his co-hosts thru an elaborate opening number. Resident comedians Tado and Bentong also came on board as well.

The show was directed by ace TV director Johnny Manahan. The show had more game portions giving out big cash prizes thru "Super Jack en Poy" and "Urong Sulong" which gives out P2 million as the highest possible jackpot prize. Like its predecessor, the second version of "MTB" also courted controversy when John Estrada and Willie Revillame were suspended because of delivering their usual green jokes during the "Super Jack en Poy" jackpot round.

The show's family also grew with the inclusion of former Kapuso comedians Long Mejia and Dagul. However, before was about to end, Willie Revillame resigned from the show after a public outcry when he delivered a derogatory joke on midget co-host Mahal during her birthday.

The show continued to air until February with comedian Vhong Navarro and actor-host Edu Manzano taking over Willie's place. However, "Masayang Tanghali Bayan" failed to sustain viewership and was given the axe on February 20, TV Idol You're the Man!

However, these efforts were overshadowed by rival "Eat Bulaga! Pera o Bayong became one of the more popular segments on MTB. The original version of the game started with 50 players answering a series of multiple choice questions A, B, C, or Dhoping to eliminate all others until only one remains. The most popular type of question involved the scientific names of plants and animals, with at least two of the four choices noticeably joke answers.I was watching it on TFC earlier on and the host guy touched the back of the "bayong" and then yeah, the contestant won.

He put something in the back like he touched it, is it rigged? Yeah, i think sometimes the show is rigged, it is actually the center of much controversy right now andthe show is being investigated. From past shows where one game was rigged, there is a possibility it could be. That guy never learns, does he? Yes, because they can't give out a house or money all the time Trending News. Trump shuns 'ex-presidents club. In protest, Girl Scouts across U. Jim Carrey mocks Melania Trump in new painting.

Tony Jones, 2-time Super Bowl champion, dies at Filming twisty thriller was no day at the office for actor. Anthony Scaramucci to Trump: 'Get out of politics'. Why people are expected to lose weight in the new year. Answer Save. Watch Eat Bulaga instead! How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Guess What? I'm Human Lv 6. No, he pulled the paper that covered what the price is.Okay din ang facelift sa lumang platform. Walang changes sa loob.

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Join Date May Posts Reply With Quote. Join Date Oct Posts 1, Join Date Oct Posts 10, Join Date Sep Posts 3, I'll post later pag may naiisip ako. Join Date Jan Posts 3, What was the name of the horse that Paul Revere's horse rode to warn that the British are coming?

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Ako kasi OO,hahahha Ingat! Re-post lang ito ng epxperience ko sa isang noontime show. Originally posted on October 17, It's been two months since I arrived here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the land of limitless sand and overflowing black gold. Buti naman at kumpleto dito sa company namin — may internet connection sa office kaya pwede akong makinig ng music, magbasa ng news, at maging updated online anytime.

Pag-uwi mo naman sa flat niyo, may nag-aantay na televison packed with one hundred plus channels. Yun nga lang, majority ng palabas ay Arabic. May mga English channels din naman sa nagpapalabas ng series at mga movies.

Pero siyempre, walang tatalo sa sa mga palabas na Pinoy! Ang naka-install sa amin, Channel 7.

Pera o Bayong

When I say major, as in thrice a day ang pag-air nito! Potah, mabibilaukan ka na sa kakapanood ng paulit-ulit! I never liked telenovelas except for the original Marimar, hehehe. Aapihin yung bida. Yayaman siya. Tapos, happy ending na. Nakaka-stress yung puro iyakan at problema sa buhay! Games shows? Lalo na! Buti nalang at hindi Wowoweee ang napapanood ko kasi ayoko rin si Willie!


For me, Joey De Leon is still the best. Well, we cannot blame most of our fellowmen kung talagang walang maibigay na trabaho ang gobyerno. Talagang gugugulin nila yung araw nila sa pagbabaka-sakaling manalo sila ng tumataginting na isang milyong piso nang walang kapagod-pagod. Kung 'di man makapasok sa studio, nandyan pa rin yung TV para mapanood at makiramay dun sa magiging contestant.

Araw-araw na ginawa ng Diyos, sa mga noontime shows nalang tumatakbo ang buhay ng kawawang Pilipino. Hindi ito nakakapag-bigay ng saya, lalo lang nitong pinapalala ang poverty sa ating bansa. Binibigyan nito ng pag-asa ang mga Pinoy na umasa sa "easy money" kaya lalong nawawalan ng pag-asa.

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Naaalala ko tuloy na noong Dekada Nobenta, hitik na hitik ang telebisyon sa mga pakulo. Nasundan pa ng "Weakest Link" na kung saan host naman si Edu Manzano. Palakihan ng premyo kaya talagang nakakaengganyo. Nagkaroon din ng " Meron o Wala ".I have a funny story: We were at a family picnic in Nueva Vizcaya and there was a table filled with food. One item was a cooked chicken, my favorite, and the other was a pot. I asked what was in the pot and they said "manok or bayong".

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Ha ha. When given a choic of what you want and a mystery, I choose what I wanted all along. On that show with suite cases, Deal or No Deal, the guy is offered like 10 years of salary and he stands there and says "no deal".

Oh my. Bayong na lang, lahat daw na bayong may 1 million. Trending News. Trump shuns 'ex-presidents club. In protest, Girl Scouts across U. Jim Carrey mocks Melania Trump in new painting. Tony Jones, 2-time Super Bowl champion, dies at Filming twisty thriller was no day at the office for actor. Anthony Scaramucci to Trump: 'Get out of politics'. Why people are expected to lose weight in the new year.

GaNdA T. R Viii. Pera -Money Bayong - Straw Bag.

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Answer Save. With pera I can buy bayong. Guess What? I'm Human Lv 6. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.

Aref H4 Lv 7. Show more answers 5. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.The show premiered on February 5, and aired live on weekdays and Saturdays. The show officially ended on July 30, and was replaced by a new variety show, Pilipinas Win Na Winthe following day. In the Cash Motto segment, a random studio audience member who sent in a motto gets to play a game with winnings up to PHP 1, The contestant is provided a broom to loosen up the money, so more will fly in the air.

Another random studio audience member is chosen after the segment. This second audience member does not get to play the game, but has to guess how much money the first audience member grabbed. The co-hosts usually give a hint on the range. If the contestant gets the amount right, they win whatever the other player won.

If they fail to guess, they still win PHP1, for being chosen. Twenty previously ten random audience members get to play Hep, Hep, Hooray. The game retired at the end of but quickly returned on January 4,due to more audience demand than its predecessor, Samson, Lion and Delilah. In this segment of the show, the audience is prepared to dance to one of Willie Revillame 's hit songs.

This opening song number is the theme tune for the choosing of the ten random audience members, the audience is warmed up for the public displays of talent, where Willie and his co-hosts will draw from the audience, from different sections including the TFC subscribers to dance the song in an entertaining way. The objective of the game is to repeat the words "Hep Hep" and "Hooray".

A co-host puts the microphone in front of a contestant's face and they are supposed to say "Hep Hep" while clapping their hands together below their waist, then another co-host will put the microphone to another contestant's face and they are to finish the cheer with saying "Hooray" and raising their hands in the air. If a contestant makes a mistake, they are out of the game, but they win PHP1, and a gift pack from Rexona as a consolation prize.

This is a last person standing game. The one who lasts the longest wins. Since Cash Bukasthe old bonus round for the game has moved on to Willie of Fortunenew rules were written on its relaunch. The final person standing goes for the final round, where the contestant can duel against one of the three "Amazonas": April, Lovely, and Aiko. During the duel, same rules apply repeating the words "Hep" "Hep" "Hooray".

The contestant's goal is to beat the "Amazona" to win the jackpot, which always starts at PHP10, Every day the jackpot is not won, another PHP10, is added to it.

On January 25,Jana was removed as an Amazona due to losing three times; April replaced her. A new batch of Amazonas were introduced on March 8 of the same year, referred to the hosts as "Amazunas".

pera o bayong questions

A new name to "Amazunas" was introduced last April the "Dragon Ladies". Beginning July 5, the "Dragon Ladies" portion was removed, and the last person standing automatically wins P10, from Rexona. On July 26, a new format called the Pair Factor was introduced. The twenty random audience members choose a partner to play with. The rules still mainly stay the same, however, they must both clap with "Hep" "Hep", and raise their hands with "Hooray".

There are two groups consisting of five pairs each playing in their own group. The winner of rounds one and two will advance to the final round competing against each other. The last pair standing wins P10, from Rexona. Six people selected earlier through "themed" auditions compete in pairs in rounds of Willie of Fortune.

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The in-house keyboardist plays a portion of a song, and the first person to name the song correctly wins one point. If the player can correctly sing the exact lyrics from that portion of the song, they will receive the second point.

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