Piranhamax 4 ice fishing

Once winter arrives, you don't put your love for fishing on ice, and neither do we. You know that there's a lot that happens beneath the ice and with Humminbird's ICE Series fish finders, you'll quickly see what's happening below your hole, and put your lure where it belongs- right in the corner of that fish's mouth.

Step up to the new generation of fish finders for ice fishing.

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Eliminate the guesswork and quickly find structure and fish without drilling as many holes, track schools of fish as they move, and know which direction the fish are headed. With no depth contour infomation available, anglers fishing unmapped lakes were left to guess and hope to stumble on an area loaded with fish. Get the whole picture, no matter where you fish, with AutoChart Live Ice. Our ICE Flasher Series provides what you need when braving the cold and seeking a fight with the monsters that swim below the ice.

DualBeam sonar provides both a narrow and wide sonar beam and adjustable gain to adjust to your fishing scenario, and with optional features like automatic depth rangeadjustable sonar zoom and LCD digital depth displayan ICE Series flasher will be your weapon of choice.

See more with an adjustable 6-color flasher display with center LCD display showing digital depth. Automatic depth range and adjustable target line will keep you zoned in to where the fish are. Get reliable digital depth and automatic depth range on a center LCD display, surrounded by a 3-color flasher display.

The 3-color flasher display is ultra-bright and includes adjustable gain and a 2X zoom for when precision lure presentation is a must. Shop Shop. Fish Finder Selector. Johnson Outdoors Family. Get an ICE Series fish finder this season and plan on more hooksets and high fives this winter.

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Humminbird PiranhaMAX 4 PT Portable Fishfinder

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Humminbird Piranhamax 4 Review 2021 – Unbiased Reviewed

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Humminbird PiranhaMAX 4 DI

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Overview Short Description:. With modern styling and a larger 4. Feature for feature, it packs a technological chomp that no fish finder in its class can match. This portable fish finder comes with a soft-sided carrying case along with a suction cup transducer, 7Ah battery and charger. Dual Beam Sonar. For more information go to www. Show More. Dual Beam Sonar: Choose from a narrow and a wide beam for great detail or a generous coverage area, helping you identify fish, structure and contours.

Portable Carrying Case: Take your fishing system on the go. The soft-sided carrying case protects your Humminbird for safe transport. Includes: portable carrying case, portable transducer, 7 Amp Hour battery and wall charger. Accessory Resource Guide. English Transducer Resource Guide. French Transducer Resource Guide. Register Products. Software Updates.

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Shop Shop. Fish Finder Selector. Johnson Outdoors Family. Ship to Home. Ship to Store. Add to cart. Find a dealer. Dealers may not carry all models. Contact your dealer to check product availability. Overview Short Description:. Sharper image.

piranhamax 4 ice fishing

Sharper teeth. With modern styling and a larger 4. Feature for feature, it packs a technological chomp that no fishfinder in its class can match. Dual Beam Sonar. For more information go to www. Show More. Dual Beam Sonar: Choose from a narrow and a wide beam for great detail or a generous coverage area, helping you identify fish, structure and contours.

Down Imaging: Get a clear view of what's happening below your boat with Down Imaging. As you patrol the water, you'll watch timber, brush, bridge pilings, rocks and any other structure pop with great detail.

Installation Instructions. Accessory Resource Guide. English Transducer Resource Guide. French Transducer Resource Guide. Register Products. Software Updates. Compare Now. Out of stock. Related Products. Email Sign Up Find a Dealer. Minn Kota. Old Town.When we see the Humminbird name, we always get excited; these guys are known for making some of the best fish finders on the market. They always find a way to improve the quality of life and usability of their finders while keeping the price competitive, and the PiranhaMAX 4 is no exception.

This is a fantastic entry level fish finder, because it gives you what you need without a lot of bells and whistles. Does it come with GPS, waypoints, live mapping, and contour drawing?

Will it help you find fish? An emphatic yes. Depth capability: feet. Transducer: XNT 9 28 T transom mount, built-in temperature sensor. Screen: H x V resolution, 4. Maps: UniMap. Despite this increase in size, the unit remains small and light only 2 pounds! A backlight means you get a clear reading of your display rain or shine, in the fog, and at night.

That means no matter when you want to go fishing, your PiranhaMAX 4 can go with you. There are a couple of handy ways to change the display in order to read it more easily. The standard features are all here: you can zoom into parts of the sonar return for a clearer reading, and you can up the contrast between the colours in order to create a more obvious distinction between the light and dark parts of the sonar. An additional display option this unit offers is the WhiteLine function; this allows you to replace one of the colours with white, providing a stark contrast.

PiranhaMAX 4 is incredibly affordable; that makes it a good model for fishers who have never purchased a fish finder before, but want to try one out. It sends out sound waves from the transducer into the water; when those sound waves hit objects, they bounce back, and you get a reading.

That means your sonar readings are happening over time; the transducer is continuously sending out sound waves for reading. The different colours will indicate how strong the sonar returns are; blue is weak, yellow is medium, and red is strong.

This simple, nifty feature changes the display so when it picks up what it identifies as a fish, it replaces the sonar image with little fish icons; no guesswork here!Humminbird Piranhamax 4 has revamped the meaning of cheap. Humminbird Piranhamax 4 has the name, the price and the performance to attract fishers like moths to a flame. So, whether you want a general scan of a large section or go as deep as ft to garner maximum details about a narrow spot for tracing presence of desired target, just give the command and sonar will return with the required results.

PiranhaMAX 4 DI

Neither screen nor lighting condition will play tricks on you since the 4. The only potential put off is the absence of a GPS system and mapping feature.

However, we would recommend you to buy it since its high ratio of accurate target detection compensates for the loss. Regardless of being a budgeted modelPiranhamax 4 is outstanding in its ability to detect depth and fish due to its dualbeam sonar and optional Down Imaging.

The option of Down Imaging will leave nothing to the imagination, providing you with an in-depth insight of whatever is happening right underneath your vessel.

Its sonar can travel to a considerable ft depth which means its a reliable candidate for both shallow and deeper waters. We can safely call its display as another one of its crowning features since the size and clarity of picture are both hard to be found in competing models. Despite being compact, it comes with a 4. With such a clear picture, distinguishing between fish arcs, structure, bottom contours and weeds will no more seem like solving a puzzle.

Piranhamax 4 is quite lightweight and compact which means it can be easily fitted on a small boat, kayak or jon boat. Also, its installation process is pretty simple and basic. So if you want to explore the vastness of sea on a small watercraft in pursuit of your object of fascination, Piranhamax 4 is a trustworthy companion to have on-board. Some other features that further aid you in your chase and hunt are Fish ID, fish alarm, depth alarm and zooming in and out of screen.

Regardless of the gripes, Humminbird Piranhamax 4 still has the reliability and capability to handle almost any type of fishing challenge effectively and that also by surprisingly staying within budgeted range.

Lastly, its compact and portable size makes it a perfect weapon for all, beginners, hobbyists and owners of kayaks and Jon boats. Wade Johnson is an expert fisherman, who goes fishing as a hobby since childhood. He just loves fishing and never missed fishing on weekends. He also travelled to different countries and experienced fishing almost everywhere. He decided to change the way of fishing, by introducing some really cool gadgets and equipment through this blog, that he used and found helpful, now trying to guide you!

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PiranhaMAX 4

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piranhamax 4 ice fishing

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piranhamax 4 ice fishing

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