Reception meaning in telugu

Capable of or qualified for receiving.

reception meaning in telugu

Ready or willing to receive favorably: receptive to their proposals. Linguistics Of or relating to the skills of listening and reading. Receiving or ready to receive penetration in sexual intercourse.

Receiving or ready to receive male gametes or nuclei during sexual reproduction: a receptive hypha; receptive stigmas. All rights reserved. Copyright, by Random House, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. Ready and willing to receive favorably, as new ideas: acceptantamenableopenopen-mindedresponsive.

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She reclined, receptiveon the deep leather cushions, turned her eyes conscientiously to everything I pointed out to her, and never mentioned to me till sometime afterward that she might be supposed to know Florence better than I, as she had lived there for years with Miss Bordereau.

View in context. But his inward state was that of satisfaction at the passively receptive attitude of the Assistant Commissioner, who murmured gently: View in context. Infancy, youth, receptiveaspiring, with religious eye looking upward, counts itself nothing and abandons itself to the instruction flowing from all sides. In some strange way Japan was receptive to all the West had to offer. But his fine days are the best for stopping at home, to read, to think, to muse--even to dream; in fact to live fully, intensely and quietly, in the brightness of comprehension, in that receptive glow of the mind, the gift of the clear, luminous and serene weather.

Inconceivably young - still beautifully unthinking - infinitely receptive. He was extraordinarily receptive and responsive, while his imagination, pitched high, was ever at work establishing relations of likeness and difference. If the correlative of 'the slave' is said to be 'the master', then, though all irrelevant attributes of the said 'master', such as 'biped', ' receptive of knowledge', 'human', should be removed, and the attribute 'master' alone left, the stated correlation existing between him and the slave will remain the same, for it is of a master that a slave is said to be the slave.

He would not say whether or not she had attached herself to the sound Low Church School of his father; but she would probably be open to conviction on that point; she was a regular church-goer of simple faith; honest-hearted, receptiveintelligent, graceful to a degree, chaste as a vestal, and, in personal appearance, exceptionally beautiful. The conjunction of Soapy's receptive state of mind and the influences about the old church wrought a sudden and wonderful change in his soul.

reception meaning in telugu

She was well read, receptivea charming companion. What was passing in that receptive childlike soul that so eagerly caught and assimilated all the diverse impressions of life? Dictionary browser? Full browser?The school year, or part thereof, between preschool and Year 1, when children are introduced to formal education. Etymology: [F. See Receive. In American football, a reception is part of a play in which a forward pass from behind the line of scrimmage is received by a player in bounds, who, after the catch, proceeds to either score a touchdown or be downed.

Yards gained from the receiving play are credited to the player as receiving yards. If such a pass is not caught by the receiver, it is called an incomplete pass or simply an incompletion.

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All ground arrangements connected with the delivery and disposition of air or sea drops. Includes selection and preparation of site, signals for warning and approach, facilitation of secure departure of agents, speedy collection of delivered articles, and their prompt removal to storage places having maximum security. When a group is involved, it may be called a reception committee. Arrangements to welcome and provide secure quarters or transportation for defectors, escapees, evaders, or incoming agents.

The reception area of businesses and hotels are created to ensure people feel calm, motivated and peaceful when they arrive at these areas. The government cannot take funds to build reception centers for asylum seekers and then host people who don't apply for asylum.

Telugu wedding ceremony

It's a tricky thing. In terms of water, in terms of sanitation, in terms of food assistance, it's totally inadequate. On most of the islands, there is no reception capacity, people are not sleeping under any form of roof, so it's total chaos on the islands. After a couple of days they are transferred to Athens, there is nothing waiting for them in Athens.

A terrorist would be very stupid if instead of coming with a well-prepared false passport and taking a plane into Europe through a legal channel, he would have to pay thousands of dollars to smugglers for a boat that can sink, and come into a reception center where he would be finger-printed, and then to start walking through different borders Landlord David Placek :.

By and large weve gotten a good reception from our tenants, theyre happy that we were able to do this early on and really able to show them some compassion and feelings for what they might be going through.

Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss.In the 19th century, the ceremony could last up to sixteen days Padahaaru Rojula Panduga. In modern times, it can last two or more days, depending on the family's financial and social status. The wedding ceremonies depend on the caste of the bride and groom.

The pelli or wedding is considered the strongest of social bonds, and is said to spiritually merge two souls opening the doors to gruhastaashramam household life. Telugu marriage is sanctified by seven pledges made by the bride and groom and begins when the bride and groom have completed seven revolutions around a sacred fire.

Symbolic gestures and rituals surround the ceremony and ensure that the bride and groom are united in the presence of Panchabhutaalu —five essential elements for life, namely: Bhumi earthAkaasham skyAgni fireNeeru water and Vaayuvu air.

Each element in the ceremony is connected and is given special importance. Historically, the groom would ride an elephant to the bride's home where the wedding is supposed to take place. This practice is called Gajaarohana. Today this tradition is declining. After every ceremony, they serve food to all the guests, which is also the main part of the culture of offering food to anyone who comes on an auspicious day.

It is also a tradition to eat ice cream or sweets after dinner because it is considered auspicious. All the rituals conducted throughout the Telugu wedding ceremony hold religious significance. The decorations mostly consist of rich colourful flowers and mango leaves. Families renovate their houses and invite all the guests going to each of their houses by the use of kumkuma colourful, decorative powder. The rich and varied cultural heritage of Telugu speaking people is reflected in the ceremonies conducted there.

Almost all festivals are celebrated with religious observances, holding supreme importance in the lives of the state's residents. The two families meet to perform rituals to make the engagement official. The Telugu people generally avoid the months or a time period where AashaadhamBhadrapadam and Shunya maasam occurs, because they are considered inauspicious for the ceremonies.

The couple is then blessed by elders of both families, and is given gifts including jewelry and clothing by their new family.

The rituals conducted by the Telugu speaking people during the ceremonious occasion of the wedding are different from those conducted in neighboring southern states of India. In Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu people follow their own traditions while conducting a wedding. The bride's maternal uncle and her brother play a prominent role at the time of her marriage. Telugu Brahmins ' wedding customs differ from the wedding customs of the other Telugu communities. The groom wears a white dhoti with a red border.

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White symbolizes purity and red represents strength. In order to perform the ritual, the partition between the bride and groom is removed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main traditions. Vaishnavism Shaivism Shaktism Smartism. Rites of passage. Philosophical schools. Gurus, saints, philosophers. Other texts. Text classification. Other topics.If you are reading this, you may be soon getting hitched or related to such a situation. Here is a complete guide to Telugu Hindu wedding rituals that explained in detail with pictures.

reception meaning in telugu

We recommend you to read before your wedding. Telugu Hindu weddings are the most interesting ones, to give you an idea, in the 19 th century; the ceremony could last up to sixteen days. Since we all know the wedding is a joyous moment, think what will be like when this joyous moment lasts for sixteen days! But now we are celebrating it for about 2 to 3 days. Depends on the caste of the bride and groom the wedding ceremonies differs. Among all the social bonds, the wedding is considered as the strongest one.

It is to spiritually merge two souls opening the doors to household life called as Gruhastaashramam. So people in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana consider this ceremony as the most important one.

reception meaning in telugu

Bride and Groom should oath the seven pledges and should complete seven revolutions around a sacred fire. Also, rituals are set to ensure that the bride and groom are united in the presence of five essential elements of life Panchabutaalu which are earth, sky, fire, water, and air.

This is generally called as Gajaarohana. Now most of us are not following this tradition. We are sure that if you read this entire article, you will enjoy your wedding ceremony without any confusion.

This ceremony is performed to officially declare that the Groom and Bride are going to be married. An auspicious date and time muhurtham for the wedding is decided. This can be done by referring to the horoscopes. It will be a delight to see all the relatives and well-wishers in one place. They smear the bride and groom with Nalugu. Nalugu is a mixture of flours, turmeric powder, and oils.

On receiving, they shower blessings for the event.Resumes, interviews, and references are notoriously invalid predictors of job performance and have been accused of racial bias.

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Telugu wedding ceremony

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